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Written and Produced by Brad Rister & Alexa-Sascha Lewin
Directed by Alexa-Sascha Lewin

“I don’t think I shall ever be able to detach myself permanently from the fortunes of this country…I am an Iraqi, and I want to see the people of Iraq achieve their freedom and independence.”

Gertrude Bell


When British maverick adventurer, Gertrude Bell, the female “Lawrence of Arabia" and ardent advocate for Arab independence, becomes entangled in the backroom politics of World War I era Mesopotamia, she battles her commanding officers, and her own demons, to crown Faisal as the first King of Iraq.










Gertrude Faisal Picnic.jpg

Gertrude Bell

King Faisal

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“Gertrude Bell is a name that is written indelibly on Arab history – a name which is spoken with awe – like that of Napoleon, Nelson or Mussolini…One might say that she was the greatest woman of her time. Without question, her claim to greatness is on a footing with women like Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell, Madame Curie and others.” –King Faisal

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