Six boards taken from an Arabian Desert scene.


Swirling dust devils over an endless landscape of dunes- the end of the earth. Solitude falls like an impenetrable veil.

SUPERIMPOSE: “Hejaz, Arabia, 1914”

Thundering hooves. ARAB RAIDERS, SHRIEKING like men insane, race to intercept...

A defenseless CARAVAN crossing the vast expanse.

The CARAVAN LEADER, red chequered keffiyeh shielding his face from the stinging winds, spies the charging Raiders.

The LEAD RAIDER, with matted black locks, deftly whips his rifle around. BANG!

The rifle shot cracks just over the Caravan Leader’s head. One hand grips the reins tight, the other hides a WEBLEY REVOLVER beneath his tunic...

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