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Alexa-Sascha was invited to speak at the Tomouh Community of Leaders Retreat in Bath, England in October 2019. Her speech was entitled, Kingmaker: The Creation of Modern Arabia and the Power of Film to Impact Change.

Shortly thereafter, Alexa-Sascha was nominated and approved for membership and, most recently, was asked to join the Tomouh Community of Leaders Membership Committee.





Kingmaker was a Quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.

Kingmaker was a Top-3 finalist with the FINAL DRAFT Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

“But in Iraq, it is only Gertrude Bell who occupies an exceptional place both in the imagination of its ordinary people and in the mind of its cultural and political elites. The first lady of Iraq, the real queen of Iraq.” - Saad Eskander, Director of Iraq’s national library and archives






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